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Photos are intended for reference only. Natural stone vary between slabs and we recommend you see the actual stone that will be used to fabricate your countertop. The beauty of natural stone comes from the true natural qualities of the stone itself. A stone can vary in color, shades, texture and composition. Mineral streaks may be visible where a part of the stone absorbs more minerals in one area than another. Grain and texture can vary from "even" to "wild". These characteristics must be taken into account when selecting the stone for your countertop. Remember a small sample may not totally represent the true characteristics of the actual slab.

Prices And Ordering

We make every effort to keep our website current. From time to time our stone suppliers may drop a stone or change a price without notice. Wolf Granite guarantees price quotes for 30 days. We cannot guarantee stone availability on non- reserved slabs. Actual slabs located at our sources or in our warehouse can be held for two weeks.

Special Orders

Countertops are considered a special order and cannot be cancelled once the stone is in our facility or in production.


50% deposit is required to obtain your actual stone slab prior to template day. Balance is due upon installation. We accept major credit cards, personal checks and cash.

Fabrication And Installation Process

Once your actual stone slab is selected and in our facility, we can template your countertop and determine an approximate installation date. Existing countertops and faucets need not be removed in order to template. All appliances next to the countertop must be in place. New sinks, cook top, special cook top vents, faucets and any accessories requiring holes must be at the job site. Seaming, edge detail and any other concerns will be addressed on template day. If your stone has a lot of movement, we may ask you to meet at our facility for a template layout session where we will fit your countertop template on your stone slab for actual placement. On installation day all cabinets must be permanently in place and level. Old countertop, backsplash, sink, faucets and cook top must be removed. lf your new countertop has an undermount sink, a 24 hour curing time is necessary before your plumbing can be hooked up. Your new natural stone countertop will be sealed. Wolf Granite guarantees fabrication and installation for one year.

Maintaining You Granite Countertop

Seal your granite annually. Sealer protects your granite by delaying the absorption time of liquids. Wipe up spills immediately using mild dishwashing detergent and water, then wipe dry. Do NOT use products that contain acids such as lemon or vinegar. Do NOT use abrasive cleaners or strong household cleaners. Sharp knives will scratch the surface. Extremely hot pans will harm the sealer and the stone. Wolf Granite offers special natural stone sealer, cleaner, polish and stain removers. Call our office for pricing.

Our Commitment

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of workmanship and stone, best service and quality in the industry while keeping our products affordable for everyone in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. It is also our mission to make all of our clients ‘’raving fans’’. Forever Marble is passionate about identifying costumer’s needs and desires, understanding their requests and problems, analyzing the current situation, continuing the process, completing the job with guaranteed satisfaction, and building a long-term relationship with customers.

Our vision

The vision of Forever Marble is to put granite, marble, and other natural and man-made stones in every home in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We envision being one of the leading companies in the region and hope to be recognized and respected as one of the premier companies in the industry. Forever Marble should be the place to turn for home remodeling projects for your home, whether indoor or outdoor. We feel confident in what we do for remodeling purposes, and guarantee that we provide excellent service and consultations, before and after installation.

Our shop

Personnel work on precision cuts, providing the exact fit for your stone countertops and granite pieces. Our employees have extensive experience in stone cutting and mitering to provide a professional-looking, finished product. You can always tell inferior workmanship with countertop edges that do not line up or fit properly. At Forever Marble, we assure that you will be pleased with the quality, superior work we offer.