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Maintaining & Caring

With us, you get the best marbles and granites for your house and other commercial building requirements. We provide you the best among a wide range of marbles, granites and other natural slabs. You can choose the natural stones as well which, are a lot in number and are also much durable and strong in every way. With the help of our experts, you can easily decide which ones will be the best for your house and others. We have been the leading providers of such stones since the last 15 years. You can go completely green, as we suggest a lot these days, in order to be in sync with the nature and have buildings and statues made, which will be having a long life span. The stones that you get from us are sure to add to the surroundings, of anything. Thus, you get all the praises and also be prepared for being the subject of envy!

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We suggest maintenance and care, for these are necessary:

The stones that we provide will indeed withstand a lot of foot traffic along with wear and tear. However, it is wise to take care of everything and these are included as well. You need to clean your marble and granite structures to make them shine for years to come and have the satisfaction, whenever your sight rests on them. With regular care and weekly polishing and cleaning, you will have them shining and be more durable. They will also add a lot to the room or the area where they are kept or constructed. You not only get beautiful surroundings but also get to spend less if you are taking care of these regularly.

Suggest Maintenance

Care and maintenance for these stones:

Be cautious:

To maintain the elegance and panoramic view of your room, you need to take care of your marble, granite or any other stone that you have used. Take care that nothing of acidic content is spilled on the floor or on the structure. Keep a stain remover which is effective yet mild, always close to your reach. Whenever any stain or such spot has occurred on the stone, wipe it off immediately. Or else there will be dull marks and the acid, if too strong by nature, is likely to get in the stone. Therefore you should prevent any spilling of chemicals and also beverages like wine, tea, coffee and others on the surface.

Care and Maintenance

Keep them clean:

Next to this, you also need to keep them squeaky clean. Rub the surface or structure gently with a soft, clean cloth and also then something moist. There are floor and furniture cleaners available for stones. Get one of these and do your weekly cleaning to maintain these stones. Try using a solution that will have hydrogen peroxide and a bit of ammonia. It works. Using terry cloths and PH cleaners is also a good option. Thus, you can retain their shine for years.


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