Granite for Your House

Marbles, made perfect by us for you to tread….
Since the beginning of the modern era, right after the medieval period, marble has gained high importance for floors and tiles in houses and in other buildings as well. Even if you notice, the end of the 18th century saw marbles being used for the statues and courtyards for nobles and others of higher class in those days. Famous palaces and churches built around this time, too have been often built completely in marbles. Marble is favoured by most, since this rock gives a different look to things built with it. A certain air of sophistication and etiquette is felt whenever you step into a marble building or watch a statue or a piece of anything built with it. Hence, think how it would be to have your floor made with this excellent thing! With us, you get it right and done in the most exquisite yet in a manner that it can sustain any pressure and even the roughest use. You are never going to have worry on this once you have made the contact and have assigned us the task.

Your search ends with us….
Though there can be competitors, we assure you that we have been the leading brand since years when it comes to marble and also others like granite and more. There can also be alternatives, rather cheaper substitutes for granite, marble, natural slabs and others, but surely they are not able to withstand the pressure and use of years, not to mention that they would anyway never look equally appealing. We have been providing with the right kind of custom fabrication and are experts when it comes to your kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, bar tops and more. You get the best artistic quality and what makes other envy you- elegance!

Contact us and get the best for yourself:
We not only have clients who have been seeking our services for their houses but also the ones for commercial buildings. You can call us from Monday to Saturday. We are there to work on your wishes and turn them true from 8a.m. to 5p.m. and 9a.m. to 1 p.m. for the Saturdays. Once you have contacted us and have one of our employees listening and catering to your needs, you can come down to our office and also to our showroom for deciding the stone that you want. We have a huge range of more than 70 granites along with marbles and also other natural slabs. You can select the one you feel is good and ta da! Your work is done. Now our employee will schedule a day to visit the field or the area for estimating the measurements. If the need is for a particular part like the kitchen or bathroom, then you can visit our showroom and decide from the range of products suitable to your requirements.

We are definitely a one stop shop for your needs and you are never going to feel that you should look beyond. We are there to take care of your needs and also discuss the projects with you so that you know what we are doing.