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Kitchen Countertops made of artificial stone are becoming the modern kitchen. While our otherneighbours equip almost every second kitchen with quality countertops, quartz stone itself must prevail in Germany only.
Due to its superior strength, incredible beauty and an unparalleled distribution network, Silestone is the first choice for discerning consumers quickly. There are many advantages to using Silestone: the surface that is made from natural quartz is very resistant to stains and scratches, and does not tend to absorb liquid.
Silestone countertops 19116 offers over 60 colors, textures and two different formats, which make the material extremely versatile. Silestone is perfect for use in numerous applications, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom as well. Silestone countertops are made up to 94 percent of natural quartz, which they also make extremely tough and durable work surface.

Special Silestone countertops:
The natural beauty of Silestone worktops gets expressed through colour and special facilities Silestone countertops textures.
For our work, we got the score 5/5 awarded.
With us you will find unique granite countertops, slate, Silestone and Caesarstone. Worktops from our various materials offer a rich variety of many design options and are ideal combination partners for any interior style. We help you to find countertops that match your needs.

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Silestoneis an innovativesurfacematerialconsists of up to94% natural quartz.This componentis also whatmakes this product soexceptionally stableand resilient.
Silestoneis the onlyquartzsurface with abuilt-inantibacterial protectioncomplex.Thanks to this system, it has hygienicproperties that arein this typeavailablenowhere elseon the market forhigh-quality surfacesin kitchen & bathroom.The materialoffers a varietyofdesign possibilities: from the kitchen orbath cover, above groundand wall coveringsto the designof a completedevice. Others like the Philadelphia Quartz countertops are also useful.

Silestone - High quality and stable Silestone products-Silestone countertops
Experts have developed Silestone products which are ideally used for designing modern kitchens and bathrooms. Silestone is a very qualitative and attractive material that is available in many colors and remarkable textures. MAAS GmbH offers Silestone countertops with a built-in antibacterial protection, which offers maximum safety and cleanliness.

What is Silestone:
Silestone is a very unusual material that possesses innovative surfaces. It consists of up to 94 % natural quartz. Quartz composite surfaces have they have a built-in antibacterial protection complex the advantage. Thanks to this system, it has hygienic attributes that are in this type available nowhere else on the market for high-quality surfaces especially in kitchen and bathroom. Through the generous size of Silestone slabs, the production of large kitchen islands is no longer a problem. The features of Caesarstone countertops Philadelphia, PA are also similar to these and you get these from us as well.


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