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Excellent Designs with Silestone and Availability of Others

This particular material is available in over 60 different colors and three different surface textures. Silestone products offer a variety of design possibilities: from the kitchen, on floor and wall tiles up to the design of a complete device. Invest in the future with the products of Silestone. Quality products from Silestone can be found in Germany.

Silestone stairs - Elegant top

Silestone stairs - Timeless look
Stairs are among the oldest structures in order to make the difference in height between two points for a person overcome without additional aids.
Silestone stairs give your house or your office a personal touch. Customized in different versions - according to your wishes - make Silestone stairs so popular.
The design of the staircase impressed very much the visual design of your living and working area. Elegance and exclusivity are today for Silestone stairs in the foreground.
We provide stairs forth in various thicknesses and structures. In addition to standard stairs we also offer self-supporting stairs with straight or other stages.
Elected with a brushed surface Silestone is a staircase not only beautiful but also really slipping.
Find the matching Silestone countertops and also Springfield Quartz countertops for your project and we enable a work of art that fits perfectly in your home.

A Silestone surface is extremely resistant to stains and scratches, as it consists of natural quartz. Our quartz is available in over 60 different colors, sizes and textures 3 and thus extremely versatile. Another advantage is that even large shapes can be made without joints are required. It is ideally suited for a variety of applications in kitchens and bathrooms.

Natural Beauty
Silestone Natural beauty is immaculate and amazes with its natural beauty. The quartz used for Silestone gives the surface a special shine and a radiant sparkle.

Stain resistance
Silestone quartz surfaces stain resistance are all but non-porous. The special feature of our Silestone surfaces is the stain resistance. Coffee,wine, oil and vinegar stains, as well as other everyday products can not harm the surfaces.

World of color
Silestone colors: The color range of Silestone countertops 19064 now encompasses more than 60 colors. So it is guaranteed that there are a variety of types of construction is also a matching Silestone color.

Impact resistance
Silestone impact resistance thanks to the impact resistance of Silestone countertops, which survive the collisions with other products that exceed all products in the same range.

Our Silestone countertops and prices
Silestone countertops have a very unique style and make every kitchen a designer piece. The natural beauty of Silestone countertops and surfaces gets her individual expression through the various color design possibilities and textures -up to thenatural stone look. Whether you want to coordinate the countertop discreetly on the decorating styleor setan intense highlight-with Silestone countertops and Silestone prices you can realize the most creative living ideas. You can also check out our Springfield Cambria countertops as well.


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