Kitchen Granite & Marble Countertops Cheltenham:

How effective is the Use of Granite & Marble for the Kitchen Countertops

Granite is stronger but marble is also preferred:
Granite is stronger than marble. While both are strong and beautiful, it is fact that granite can withstand more temperature rise and any accident. Unless you are hammering the surface of a granite structure constantly, there is little scope of it having cracks and damages of other sorts. Granite can stay the way it is and show no sign of damage for scratching or a sudden blow on it. It is even warned not to cut vegetables directly on the granite countertops as the knife will lose its sharpness. Moreover no form of acid can penetrate the hard surface and get in. Thus, no damage can be done. Marble on the other hand is softer than granite and is slightly delicate.

The surface tends to have cracks and stains may have their effect if allowed to stay for long. But marble has a soft look and feels warmer than granite. It is also available in a number of shades and patterns like granite and each differ from the other completely. Hence the kitchen marble countertops are often more preferable than the granite ones. It had been a tendency of the clients, as observed by the dealers.

Why marble needs care and maintenance:
Marble needs to be maintained since it is formed from limestone (i.e. calcium carbonate). It is in a crystallized and compressed form. It may allow the acid to get in and then affect the inner layers of it. Thus, any form of acid or stain should be immediately wiped off with a cloth soaked in soapy water. And care should be taken, never to clean the marble surface with something which may consist of harsh chemicals like acids. However, it isn’t difficult at all to maintain a marble structure. Thus, you can go head choosing marble for kitchen countertops 19012, in your kitchens. Take care if your marble is of whiter shades for the stains tend to remain more on these surfaces. Apart from the shades of white, marble is found in different other colors like pink, green, grey and black. If you maintain its surface you will have excellent patterns formed due to its crystals, in sunlight and for years.

Use of granite and marble:
As for marbles, they find their use in home décor, in restaurants, parks, buildings and majorly serving as tables or surfaces for cooking or preparation of confectionaries. While granite can also be used but marble often is preferred more at times. While granite looks great marble has a softer and delicate look. Also more complicated edges and designs can be carved out of this one than granite as it is softer. Granites can be used for exteriors and for bigger parts of the interiors like showrooms. Cheltenham kitchen countertops are really great and preferred a lot. Thus both are advantageous for your home and others like your office room. These stones are popular than others and will be so.


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