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How Quartz & Others can be Better than Granite

Granite & Quartz
Granite is perceived by most people as a solid material, durable and most importantly, strong aesthetic for all types of decors. But where does it come from? How it manufactures such beautiful decorative and functional?
This section reveals all the secrets of this material which is famous Granites Gallagher!
Where does the granite?
Benefits of Granite

Here are the benefits of quartz:
Also popular as granite, quartz is a natural stone 93%, the remainder being composed of polymeric resin and pigment, which gives it color.
On more sleek and contemporary look, it is well suited to current trends.
Non-porous, it is very resistant to stains.
Several color choices available.
Heat resistant up to 180 deg.
Woodbury Quartz countertops are easy to maintain, requires no sealing and can be cleaned with a cloth and mild soap.

Where does the granite?
Granite is the merger of several rock types that have millennia to come together to form this material if desired. Crystals of quartz, feldspar and mica granite up and give it its color. Each piece of granite is different, since the concentration of crystal is different in each of them.
Originally, granite is an igneous rock. Liquid magma rises to the surface of the earth and solidifies, crystallizes. Erosion causes the granite approaches the surface and that is why we find more of this material in the oldest mountain ranges, which have undergone the test of time.

Benefits of Caesarstone:
In addition to suit all types of decor , this has several benefits , including:
antibacterial properties
Easy to clean
Will not scratch easily
Withstands extreme heat
Wear resistant
Color uniformity
Durable, Caesarstone countertops Woodbury, NJ will be part of your environment and support long turn all types of decorations you want to create a rustic to ultra-modern.

Kitchen countertops silestone composite -
modern & minimalist
Due to the wide range of colors and textures, each quartz composite plate with various,colored materials can be combined. Even quartz composite is available in a unique leather look finish, which gives the material an even more refined look. Here you get more information on quartz composite leather look. A quartz worktop is the highlight in every kitchen. We provide you with various designs and that too at affordable rates. With our experts at your side, you are never going to worry on the result. And we guarantee you with more than what you have desired for your kitchen.

Silestone countertops 08096 based stone, which consists of 93% natural quartz!
Silestone composite is based stone, composed of 93% natural quartz. It is one of the hardest next to diamond raw materials. Through the incorporation of dyes and possibly small glass or mirror pieces are achieved noble effects. This is non-porous, has a closed surface and therefore must not be treated. It is only partially heat-resistant, so it is recommended to use a saucer to prevent thermal shock or discoloration.


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