Bathroom Granite & Marble Vanity Tops Woodbury:

About Great Vanity Tops for your Bathroom

About our work:
The work plan, if the element most exposed and most abused, is also the capital element of the aesthetic success of your kitchen.
Element reinforced by splash backs whose aesthetic capital is always linked to work plans.
Their surfaces and their central positions, the work plan and the credence are the dominant aesthetic perception of the whole kitchen. Their choice is crucial: it must combine beauty and practicality.

What vanity top to choose?
Our professionals generally do not recommend glass tops or plans wood too sensitive or too sensitive to scratches or aging maintenance.
Laminate: the most used material in the work plan, the laminate is used primarily for its ease of implementation, low cost and wide variety of colors.
These advantages are unfortunately accompanied by a scratch resistance, water and well below the planes of stone or stone materials derived from heat.
Granite: much more resistant to water, heat and various attacks laminate. Granite adds to its natural beauty durability. The plan of Bathroom vanity tops 08096 bring great aesthetic nobility.
Marble, limestone, Quartzite: bring the diversity and beauty of natural stone but others are more tender therefore more susceptible to stains than granite. These work plans will require attention and maintenance supervisor.
The Composites: mixture of quartz and linking this reconstituted close to the natural stone material offers a wide choice of colors. Less resistant to UV and heat the material as granite is nevertheless greater than the laminate and is not dependent on fluctuations of hue inherent in natural materials.

Know more:
Enamelled lava: the “ultimate " work plans, enamelled lava as its name suggests is the result of enamelled lava stone extracted from volcanoes. Thus the Woodbury Bathroom vanity tops are strong since they are made of these materials.
This glaze made near 1000 causes a real melting of the enamel and stone giving the finished product perfectly suited to the kitchen specifications. Enamelled dish combines exceptional mechanical properties to a range of rich and unusual colors. The colors thus obtained can be highlighted with colour variations or inlay decorations designed by the customer.
Crystal Roc mix of stone and glass this new material with amazing technical features provides unparalleled shine to white plans.
Thermo formability of Crystal Roc allows us to offer washbasins incomparable aesthetics plans.
Ceramics : new technology developed by industry attention, the proposed large sizes and various thicknesses ceramic brings a new aesthetic choice (especially in the recovery of metals oxidized ) interesting for worktops and vanity tops as well as various decorative modules and the good processing of ceramics requires innovative skills mastered .
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