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Bathroom granite and marble vanity tops – Tips to install them and change the way your bathroom looks
Having a luxurious bathroom may not be your ultimate dream, but perhaps you won’t mind modelling it comfortably and conveniently. Now, you can model your bathroom in various ways. A convenient way to do that is to use bathroom granites and the marble vanity tops. Many people assume that bathroom tops are expensive. That’s not completely true. They are economical and enduring enough and can overhaul the look of your bathroom incredibly.

Things to know before you opt for the bathroom vanity tops:
The bathroom countertops or the vanity tops are basically made of materials like marble, granite, laminate, tiles and good quality wood. The vanity tops are made in a way so that they can stand the damage from water, soap, alcohol or cosmetics. So, the material matters a lot. When you choose the right kind of material, it lasts long and saves the grace of your washroom along with your money.
These are supposed to be the best. However, using bathroom marble vanity tops can be cost-effective as well. Now, if you want some quality product, then you must give Westville bathroom vanity tops a try. Amongst all, the vanity tops made from wood are the most vulnerable ones due to probable water damage. The vanity tops made from wood may be a great choice looks-wise but there is no guarantee that they will last long. So, you must make the choice cautiously.

Installation of the vanity top is easy
Planning to install vanity tops? Wondering how difficult it can be? Well, the process isn’t difficult at all. As per the feedback of the users, their bathroom vanity tops 08093 are really wonderful and they don’t burn a hole in your pocket either.
You can replace the old vanity top or install a new one with ease. You don’t need to replace the whole vanity cabinet until the damage is severe. It’s just a simple do-it-yourself project. Here is how you can replace the old vanity top yourself:
1. Get your tools first: To remove the old vanity top you’ll need some essential tools like the utility knife, a hammer, power drill and some other plumbing tools. First of all, accumulate the tools and plan things. You can easily get the tools available in your house. If you don’t have all the tools, then you can either buy them or borrow from a neighbour or a friend to start your project.
2. Start with the removal of old vanity top: Once you get all your tools, remove the old vanity top. Disconnect the waterline and lift off the old granite or marble top.
3. Place the new one: Clear the surface first and then install the new marble or granite vanity top. Check the level before finishing off. There shouldn’t be any gap between the surface and the vanity top.
4. Check the Fixtures: Check the fixtures and connect all the pipelines to finish off the installation successfully. Wipe the top with a clean piece of cloth and there you go!Most of the interior designers and furnishing experts suggest using bathroom granite vanity tops.
Did the procedure sound too difficult to follow? Perhaps no. So, just follow these easy steps and install a new granite or marble vanity top to refurbish the old look of your bathroom.


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