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Natural stones were created through the process of metamorphism amending existing state with heat, pressure stones and the introduction of chemically active fluids contained in its natural environment. These changes have created stones of exceptional beauty which, according to the original rock a million years may have an appearance, texture and even a different name!
Continuing the work of Mother Nature during many years of research, man has also contributed to the creation of a manufactured with over 90% natural quartz stone The end result is incredibly beautiful, leaving room for creativity offer us a final colour of the original. Our years of expertise, as well, have given rise to an excellent series of Kitchen marble countertops.

Natural stone can be used on almost all surfaces of the house, including floors, countertops and kitchen vanities, bathrooms, shower stalls, patios, walkways, mantels, facades, wall cladding and even landscaping.

What is marble?
The stone is deep and sometimes even on the crust. It is subject to high temperatures and high pressures from stone layers shallower, which causes recrystallization of the original stone into a mosaic of crystals of calcite and dolomite overlapping each other. This marble!
Unlike granite, which is several places on the planet, this natural stone is very rare as it is created from limestone which is found mainly in South East Europe.
The great advantage of marble is also its worst disadvantage, since different fossils and minerals found within the stone make it a more fragile. The success of the great works made from this stone lies in the talent of the craftsman who shape the marble with care and precision. And we are among them and know what is best for Kitchen countertops 08096 to you.
Other stones such as travertine, limestone and onyx are part of this category.
Marble is a metamorphic rock derived from limestone. It is very hard. The marbling patterns visible on a given stone are the result of metallic oxide inclusions, and it is for this reason that marble comes in an impressively wide variety of colours and unique freeform motifs.
Marble is often very cold to the touch. This phenomenon occurs because of the rock's strong thermal properties, as it absorbs and transfers heat at a much greater rate than the air. Thus the reason why the stone's surface feels cold when we touch it.
Nuance Design Marble and Granite's primary objective is to offer you products and services of the highest possible quality. Stones with superior properties, reliable experts at your disposal, as well as a singular service-oriented business philosophy make our company an undeniable resource of choice for all your marble, granite and quartz needs. Our custom creations combine with the exceptional quality of our stones to deliver unique, elegant, functional and durable pieces.
Material of choice for artists of antiquity, marble is a metamorphic rock derived from limestone. Today made available for decoration, Deptford Township Kitchen countertops come in a fabulous range of colors.
With veins or "mottling" often due to inclusions of metal oxides, marble contains all the beauty of classicism, which does not detract from its contemporary character. Often used to design surfaces countertops, marble is ready for anything. Stairs, fireplace components, pieces of furniture? With marble, the only limit is your vision!


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