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Comparing & Understanding the Features of Countertops

Cambria Countertops Are Better Than Silestone?
Are you confused about Silestone and Cambria countertops? Are you trying to make a decision between one and the other? If so, you'll be happy to hear That Both of These companies make very reputable counters that are comparable in quality. You really cannot go wrong by choosing Either of These quartz countertops for your kitchen or bathroom.
Plate of salad on top of countertop. When all is said and done you can base your decision on price or personal preference with the knowledge that you cannot go wrong with either.

Where Are They Made?
If you are the kind of person that is loyal to American made products and would prefer to buy a product made in That Is the United States, Then you'll want to turn to Cambria. This is the only company That Makes Their quartz in the U.S. All which helps to supporting the economy here in the nation. The Pennsauken Cambria countertops are however, helpful and reliable.
Only American Zodiac quartz is used by, all which helps to keep the costs down since quartz is a rock that can be very heavy to transport. These countertops are free of radon and -have -been certified by NSF International as safe for food preparation being.Silestone countertops, on the other hand, are manufactured in Spain. While this will not be a concern for many, Some People do want to shop local.

You're Really Comparing Very Similar Surfaces
When you're comparing two brands are really comparing the same two things. Both of These manufacturers are using quartz and polymer resins for countertops as well as their crushed stone.As far as quality goes for your new counters, They Will Both be durable, stain resistant, heat resistant and scratch and chip resistant. As well, with Both of These companies, you'll never worry about -have to sealing your countertop since quartz is so dense it will never require sealing of anykind. The Silestone countertops 08110 are great for you.

Comparing the Warranties with Zodiac:
When you buy Pennsauken Zodiac countertops you will receive a limited lifetime warranty on the product from the manufacturer. This warranty willlast for as long as the original owner keeps the counter. Silestone, on the other hand, only provides a limited warranty for 15 year on the countertop and a 10 year warranty on antimicrobial protection.
This is something to keep in mind significant, but really should not play a critical hand in your decision as to all which company to purchase from. In MOST cases the countertop is going to last you for many, many years.

The Verdict:
If you're only taking a look at the counter and not at the warranty, the bacterial or the location where it is being manufactured, the answer is no protection. They are bothequal. This is all we want you to understand before buying a countertop.


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