Kitchen Granite & Marble Countertops Pennsauken:

Knowing the Composition of Granite used for the Purpose of Countertops

What is granite? Granite is an important part of the continental crust. It is formed by the slow cooling of magma underground. This volcano lava is composed of a minimum of 20 % quartz with a variety of mica and feldspar minerals group. Granite colors vary from pink to gray depending on their mineralogical and chemical composition.
Granite is composed of:
Quartz: 20 % - 50 %
The strongest component.
Apparent glassy parts are different colors: clear, beige, pink and brown.
Feldspar: 40 % +
Shades of black, white, pink and grey.
Mica: 3% - 10%
The part that reflects light is often a blue or greyish black.
Silica: 13% - 27%
Shades of beige, dark brown and light brown.
Other minerals may be present: topaz, sapphire and garnet.
Sensagranite: properties and description
Granite is still strong, with the Kitchen countertops 08110 being hard and durable, making it a stone of choice for construction. It is used for kitchen countertops or vanities, bathrooms, fireplace mantels and floors.
One of the hardest materials that are
More durable than most synthetic materials groundcover
Resists corrosion , scratches and heat
Excellent product for places with heavy traffic
Natural and original material since each piece is unique
Natural material resistant to freezing and thawing outdoor applications
GRANITE DESIGN offers various collections of granite. See the colors of granite.
Sealing granite is a burden for you?
Discover equipped with granite! Finished fetching annual salaries ... you are guaranteed!
Granite equipped with its features adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen and a long-term protection against stains.
Experience the beauty of a Kitchen granite countertops. Each granite slab is unique, quarried by Cosentino carefully using equipment at the cutting edge of technology, in order to provide invaluable qualities to stone. Strength, durability and originality of each piece are Sensa granite all designated material for the counter top kitchen and other surfaces in the house.

Advantages of Granite you must know:
Sensa is a granite granite top quality , maintenance-free , supplied by experts, the global leaders in the natural stone industry for over 70 years.
Chemical resistance is high for these Pennsauken Kitchen countertops.
The Sensa resist the use of household cleaning products commonly used. Products such as bleach, Windex and 409 can be used for the maintenance of over Sensa granite countertop. Alkaline cleaners, acids or ammonia does not alter either the SenGuard protection.
Thermal stability: The Sensa stand in contact with hot water, oil, food and pots at high temperature. The use of trivets is recommended, however, to avoid thermal shock.
Strength: The SenGuard protection penetrates the surface of the granite and attaches to the stone. The SenGuard protection is durable and does not dwindle with time, like ordinary stain products.
GREENGUARD Certification: The Sensa with SenGuard is certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.
Safe product for indoor use.
Checked for radiation and radon? All Sensa colors have undergone tests for a low risk of exposure to radon and radiation.


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