Kitchen Granite & Marble Countertops Mount Ephraim:

Cleaning the Granite Kitchen Countertops

How to clean a granite countertop:
Although granite countertops are very popular among home owners, most of them are not sure how to clean and maintain this type of surface properly. You can buy a special granite cleaner, but there are other ways to clean and maintain safe these beautiful and indestructible kitchen counters.

A regular maintenance
1. Prepare for cleaning your countertops. Before you start cleaning Kitchen granite countertops, clean the crumbs and debris and remove appliances or objects that are placed there in order to go anywhere.
Wipe off any soiled area or remove sticky residue on the counter. The best way to avoid staining your countertop is to wipe up any liquid and sauce that could be reversed. If a stain has dried, use a damp cloth to soften and clean the soiled area.
Wash with warm soapy water and remove crumbs and other debris. Use regular soap and wipe to clean the crumbs that remain, debris and other deposits before a thorough cleaning of your kitchen counter.
2. Create your homemade cleaner for your Mount Ephraim Kitchen countertops. Make sure to use components with pH balanced and contain no acid or corrosive chemicals.
Fill a bucket or your sink water warm and clear. If you can use filtered water is even better.
Combine a mild dishwashing liquid and denatured alcohol. Mix three parts dishwashing liquid to one part standard denatured alcohol. Alcohol is effective is an antiseptic, it has cleansing properties and pH of 7.0 is identical to the pH of the water.
Mix well and let the water cool slightly. You need hot water that is neither hot nor too hot. Make sure your detergent and your alcohol are mixed well for a good balance of the preparation.
3. Do not use detergents that contain ammonia, vinegar, lemon granite. Although granite is extremely durable surface, it fears acids formulas that plague its surface. The ammonia, vinegar and lemon contain more acid than is necessary for the safety of granite.
4. Wash the counter using a clean white cloth. For best results, use a clean white lint-free and does not leave fibres on the counters. One possible solution is the use of a diaper clean cotton or microfiber cloth.
Soak the cloth in the cleaning solution and wipe the entire surface of the counter. Soak the cloth in the solution leaving him time to absorb it. Before cleaning the counter, press the cloth to remove excess water.
Place the hand on the Kitchen countertops 08108 to make sure that there is no debris. Given the nature and texture of granite countertops, some debris and stains may be invisible to the naked eye. However, passing a hand over the surface counters, you may be able to spot a bonded debris that you missed placing your wipe.
5. Polish and dry the counters completely. Your countertops are now clean, but it is possible that the product leaves traces if it has not been wiped away.
Use a microfiber cloth to dry and polish countertops. This action erases the traces and improves the finish and shine of the counter.
Change microfiber cloth or other cloth when they get wet. A damp cloth does not allow you to dry the counter, use a new dry cloth well.


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