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Come to the experts:
Be sure of our maven services-our technology is based on recent developments. Silestoneis the only brand to include manufacturing bacteria static protection developed by our experts, it is designed with the latest technology based on silver ions to prevent the spread of bacteria. With this formula, silestone elements (kitchens and bathrooms) have a high added value.

Wide range of colors
Silestone is available in over 60 colors and three textures, what satisfies all styles and research material.
The world's leading quartz surface to kitchens and bathrooms brand.
An expert creates brands that dominate global markets surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. One of the most important brands is bacteriostatic Silestone area, it is part of the exclusive. We have been always approached by our clients. Once you are with us, be sure that you are availing the best of services.
The last few years marked the birth of Silestone, a product that combines the best of natural stone and allows the highlight. It is undeniable progress in the development of surfaces, which immediately received approval and recognition professionals and consumers. It was such a success that Silestone has created a class of its own area: the worktop quartz bacteriostatic.
Silestone countertops 08103 by us are unique brand - thanks to its properties and characteristics, but also because any product made of Silestone is unique in its style. Its exclusive character allowed him to become a brand associated with the world of fashion and design, combined with higher levels of innovation and modernity.
With its undeniable value, recognized by professional decorators, design and architecture, Colingswood Quartz countertops have consolidated its global prestige, and is now present in over 50 countries. It enjoys a leading position in its market, and becomes an example in research and innovation projects on public and private construction for the 21st century.

Quality Certifications
Silestone is internationally certified to ensure safety and maximum protection. These certificates provide assurance to consumers that Silestone is a safe and high quality material. Our certificates offer 100% guarantee.

Green guard:
This certificate attests that Silestone generates no harmful substance to the environment. It also guarantees the use of our surfaces in closed areas.
Silestone has also received the "GREENGUARD Children & Schools certification, which certifies maximum safety in its applications for schools and universities.

ISO Certification
Certification of Environmental Management System Cosentino; this standard certifies the excellent performance and continuous environmental improvement of production processes Cosentino for the Caesarstone countertops Colingswood, NJ. It emphasizes the efficient use of raw materials, the control of emissions to air, waste management programs, treatment systems and industrial water reuse, disposal of chemicals and risk control environmental. With the help of these it is assured that you are getting the best for your kitchen countertops. We have our clients who have their faith on us and it is never shaken.


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