Quartz Caesarstone Zodiac Silestone Cambria Countertops Woodside:

Caesarstone, Cambria and more of them for your Kitchen Countertops

How famous are the caesarstone countertops:
Caesarstone Proud to be Sole Countertop Provider for House Beautiful Kitchen of the year Caesarstone, the original quartz surface manufacturer, will once again be a part of the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year. This is the second year for the unique installation, which is set in New York City Rockefeller Center.
The Caesarstone countertops Woodside, PA is pairing with the project this year. There arebestselling cookbook author and editors who had their kitchens having these countertops. More will be adding its unique design and lifestyle. This year's design will be inspired by great professionals and designed by the ones who care for your comfort more than anything. Every, day tours and demonstrations throughout, from the kitchen to the design of sampling product will be offered. A complete schedule of events can be found by visiting the kitchen of these expert cooks and other such professionals.

Cambria and why it is so useful:
Overview - Cambria is primarily comprised of quartz, to which high-quality polyester pigments and resins are added, making it very strong. Cambria comes with a ten-year warranty and sells exclusively in New England by Woodside Cambria countertops.
Appearance - Over 40 colors are available.
Beneficial Features - Cambria is stain, heat, scratch and chemical-resistant. In addition, Cambria is non-porous, does not require sealing, crack and chip proof and has been certified for use in hospitals and restaurants by the National Sanitation Foundation.
Cambria Care - Cambria is maintenance free. Just wipe with a damp cloth.

Seeing White in a New Light
Caesarstone kitchens are designed with over 150 colours and textures that breathe life into homes and interiors worldwide. Given our in-depth understanding of the colour’s powerful presence and aesthetic functionality, it comes as no surprise that white is now breaking out of the boundaries of exclusively modern interiors. Becoming a true design chameleon, white tones are able to effortlessly accentuate the natural beauty of any space. In designing our Kitchen Eurocucina showroom, Caesarstone chose to highlight the incredible impact and limitless possibilities of a simply white decor.

Kitchen Functionality
Caesarstone's kitchen design concepts are created with optimal functionality in mind. When not in use, the showcased kitchen is an attractive and decorative furniture piece adorning the space. While in use, 3 kitchen surfaces open with 'touch' innovative technology exposing an attractive and fully functional work station. Also uncovered is an integrated sink, with a unique rising automatic faucet that operates via sensor tap technology. In addition, the kitchen gives way to a generous work space and bar, perfect for entertaining while in conversation with the chef. The island houses 12 massive drawers, sized at 1.5 X .45 m, opening via 'touch' technology, enabling for ample storage. Thus these along with Silestone countertops 19067 are great for your kitchen.
The wall of cabinets is comprised of nine doors, each 3 X 1.38m in size. When opened, another fully functional workstation is uncovered with additional sink, refrigerator, wine refrigerator, built-in ovens, espresso machine, home entertainment center, drawers and storage space.


Our Progress

Granite Countertop 85%
Bathroom Vanities 65%
Bar Tops 90%
Fireplace Surrounds 60%
Jacuzzi Surrounds 75%