Bathroom Granite & Marble Vanity Tops Woodside:

Avail Experts for the Best Bathroom Decor

Bathroom vanity tops made of marble:
The Stone vanity tops is in the bathroom its privileged position, being used for the floors and walls, to make stone sinks from our extensive catalogue, but also stone shower trays, in all colors. It will also be possible to insert vanity tops mosaics, in many forms and colors to decorate, complete or define our new bathroom. The sinks can be chosen from those of our catalogue, or tailor made to your own design, to create beautiful stone sinks, marble sinks, travertine sinks, according to his taste or his inspiration. The choice of using vanity top in a bathroom, seems to be one of the best choices possible, as the travertine is formed from calcium deposits from water bath: the water in the bath is born and finds its final and perfect location!
Thus we say that the Bathroom vanity tops 19067 are the best for your bathroom look enhancement. Not only are they useful, but are also are perfect for the bathroom decors.

The marble in the bathroom
The bathroom which until recently was considered a utility room, is now the most privileged environment, sophisticated, refined home. A place of relaxation and comfort to start your day or to retreat to ward off stress. The master bedroom becomes an "open space” from where you can appreciate the bright green and the infinite shades of Irish green, semiprecious granite by experts who plays in an elegant and refined the Bathroom marble vanity tops. The material is cut into slabs of the size of approx. 100x120 cm arranged open book to reconstruct the design that nature has engraved in stone. Separate is the area of services

The way it is done and decided:
The White Sierra marble chosen for the floor and the staircase is also repeated for the top in which is inserted the sink framework. In Absolute White,patented, designed and manufactured by the expert professionals. FRAMEWORK arises from the combination of steel and other such materials. A steel skeleton covered with stones of different colors gives robustness and practicality to the product that can be installed on top of the bathroom and / or kitchen

Knowing on others as well:
To give a minimalist marble staircase White Sierra is the attachment between pedalling and risers solved by creating a shutter, working also repeated in the top. The guest bath incorporates the use of white marble that becomes the motive of the house, and is combined with a walnut Travertine plastered with transparent resin. For the coating stave format has been converted from a single block of white marble Sierra, and it is feasible to measure in different shapes and sizes. The Woodside Bathroom vanity tops are hence useful for you. With the help of these you are sure to have a great bathroom décor and be more than satisfied.


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