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Knowing the Right Material for your Precious Kitchen Countertop

Reasons to choose Cambria for your kitchen countertops:
A Cambria countertop is stronger than a granite one and can withstand great amounts of pressure. It is also stain-resistant and low-maintenance and needs only to be washed with warm water and soap. You do not need to seal or polish it. For those who are concerned about their health, thematerial is NSF 51 certified for food and splash zone use.

Cambria has over a hundred countertop designs to choose from. It has also paired with Benjamin Moore, an industry leader in interior and exterior paint services, to come out with four wall covering shades which match every Cambria design. After selecting the perfect Cambria countertop, you can choose the complementing paint color which will further enhance the beauty of your kitchen.Levittown Cambria countertops are perfect for any kitchen décor.

Cambria countertops: design gems to choose from

From Abington to Levittown, you will have a lot of design options to choose from, categorized into light colors, dark colors, neutral colors, varied color, monochromatic, fine texture, mixed texture, heavy texture, marble design, back lit, jewels, and metallic. Naturally beautiful, the quartz counterparts are also enhanced with color blotches to increase their attractiveness.

Cambria countertops have seven distinct looks. There are some really cool and gorgeous Cambria collection feature swirls and ripples great for those aiming for a hip and trendy kitchen ambiance. Desert and Marble are subdued and more suitable for a simple yet elegant finish. On the other hand, Classic, Jewel, and Quarry are in between – modest with a twist of flair. The specific names of the countertops are also as charming and wistful as the different categories, such as the Snowy White and other shades of green. Thus apart from the Levittown quartz countertops, these are so much popular these days.

Cambria offers you a variety of shades which you can find in the websites of the companies providing with these. This is what it allows interested clients to compare, and mix and match the different countertop colors and textures. The result can be filtered to show only those which conform to the attributes you want to see.

What Cambria can do to your kitchen décor?
Consider the look of the kitchen design you want to achieve. The surface appearance is more neutral in Corian. Corian can be solid in colour, with numerous shades - some with small patches of a secondary colour to improve the design. Choose Corian designs if you like calm and matte finishes.

Silestone has additional colour, spotting and some grain, while remaining fairly regular. Silestone Choose if you want to add colour, but you want the counter to maintain consistency from one end to the other. Thus the silestone countertops 19057 is applicable for your kitchen countertop.

This has the greatest variation in colour, pattern and design. One end of a granite slab can appear significantly different than the other end. Choose it, if you prefer natural appearances, a lot of variation and a high shine.


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