Kitchen Granite & Marble Countertops Philadelphia:

Some different types of stones for your Kitchen Countertop
Different stones and their features for the kitchen countertop needs:
They have their strengths and weaknesses, but worktops now come in several options. Think about your needs and your budget before selecting your kitchen counter.
What do you look first: a look or ease of maintenance? Do you cook a little, a lot or passion?
- Affordable Price
- Scratches can be removed by sanding
- Moderately resistant to heat and water
- Sensitive to fire and burns
- Wash with a damp cloth and a mild dish soap
- Treat regularly with mineral oil
- Do not varnish and avoid vegetable oil, leaving a sticky residue

MARBLE: for kitchen marble countertops:
- Elegant Allure
- Highly resistant to heat and water
- Requires application of sealer every six months
- Sensitive to scratches and stains
- Cheap Costs
- Wash with warm water
- For a polished finish, apply every six months marble wax to preserve the shine and for a matte finish, apply a silicone sealant.

GRANITE: for kitchen granite countertops:
-Wide range of colors
- Beautiful appearance
- Very durable
- Resistant to heat, water and stains
- Requires regular maintenance
- Dust twice a week with a soft cloth
- Requires application of sealer every year
- Acidic or alkaline cleaners can remove the polished stone

Steatite (soapstone):
- Noble Appearance
- Smooth finish, soft touch
- Highly heat-resistant and stain
- Requires a lot of maintenance
- Sensitive to cracks, which are irreparable
- Cheap Costs
- Treat with mineral oil once a month to maintain colour
- Wash with a damp cloth and a mild dish soap
- Scratches can be removed by sanding

GREEN CHOICE! Made entirely of recycled glass.
- Available in a greater range of colors than granite, which allows for increased customization
- Stronger than marble
- Resistant to heat and scratches
- Can stain if not well maintained
- Cheap Costs
- Wash daily with water and mild soap
- Avoid cleaners containing ammonia and bleach

Machined stone: quartz - i.e. more types of kitchen countertops 19147:
Quartz is genuine compound mixed with the resin and mineral dyes. It is not natural, but offers a lot of advantages. There are no veins or cracks like marble, which makes it more resistant.
Highly resistant to scratches, heat and stains;
Easy maintenance (damp cloth and mild detergent);
Hygienic because bacteria cannot penetrate the quartz;
Retains its bright lustre and is perfectly smooth.
High price from $ 200 to $ 250 per linear foot, all inclusive;
Look less natural stone.

In conclusion
As can be seen, the variety of countertop surfaces is very large, depending on the budget available and the function of the room. If we are careful, we can afford any kind of counter, but if you do not want to spend our time protecting the counter, it is best to opt for solid!


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