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Quartz vs. Granite Countertops with other Better Options
Quartz Countertops?
Quartz is very large quantities on our planet and is a very hard substance even in its raw form. Diamond, sapphire and topaz are the only minerals that are more scratch resistant than quartz. If we go to scale hardness, which is used to determine the ability of a scratch resistance mineral quartz ranks 7 in this range, while diamond is classified 10. Quartz countertops available today consists of 93 percent quartz, while the remaining 7 percent consists of other minerals. This peculiar composition makes quartz countertops physically challenging and extremely durable in use. Compared with granite kitchen countertops, countertops quartz is less porous, due to which food particles and other liquids do not stick to the surface of the bench. Also cleaning and removing stains from quartz countertop is much easier than granite countertop.

Though examine engineered quartz countertops are available in a wide range of solid colors. Also, the colour of the technician quartz countertop surface is uniform throughout, which is not the case with a granite countertop. Made countertops need not seal nor is easier and cheaper to install. However, after installation, the joints of an engineered quartz countertop is easily visible which hinders the overall look. Such joints are not visible in case of installing a granite countertop. However others like the silestone countertops 19146 are better than granite in their texture and often.

On the contrary:
Granite Countertops; Granite, on the other hand, is also a strong and dense material when extracted from the earth. It is available in the form of huge blocks, which are later broken into smaller pieces of the plate as needed. These granite slabs, then polished using an application of the coating resin or polyurethane which makes the water proof granite. Granite Countertops are more vulnerable to infection due to the growth of bacteria. A mild detergent and warm water can, however, solve this problem. The amount of quartz in the granite countertop is only 50%, which is much smaller than the amount of quartz in a countertop. Because of this, countertops granite is less difficult and also less crack-resistant. To get the record straight, a granite countertop is only half as hard and durable as a quartz countertop. Therefore going for other options like the Philadelphia Cambria countertops would be better.

Installation is difficult and more issues….
Installing a granite slab is a very laborious and tedious task, because of which the facility can cost nearly three times the amount spent on the plate. Granite also requires an additional supporting structure during installation, as it is very heavy. However, when a granite countertop is installed, it becomes a permanent structure. Remove later can damage even the neighbouring structures. The biggest advantage of granite is that sport a luminous surface and to give a very rich look to the kitchen furniture. Therefore people often prefer the Philadelphia quartz countertops more than others.


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