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Kitchen interior: New ideas for your countertops
Renovating your kitchen is a great idea for this springtime. You can renovate the kitchen in many ways. Installing new countertops is one of them. It can change the whole outlook of your kitchen making it tidier and nicer. There are a number of ways with which you can have a great looking kitchen and the stone countertops are a great idea.
If you search the web for Kitchen countertops 19130 you will get a good number of shops and distributors for purchasing and installing kitchen countertops. But first we have to decide which type of material we will use for the kitchen countertops.
So what are the options we have in our hand? There are many but the best choices go with stones. Stone surfaces are hard, easy to clean and long lasting. For kitchen counter tops the granite and marble are good ones. If the installation cost suits your pocket you can opt for any of them. Definitely there are some advantages and disadvantages for using these and we will discuss the benefits and problems for each use one by one. Let us start with the Kitchen granite countertops. As we all know Granite is a natural stone .It is widely used in kitchen and bath areas. Before going to that choice let us discuss the pros and cons of using granite.

Pros of granite:
It is elegant and very much durable. Granite surface is nonporous. So you can maintain it very easily. You can select your preferred granite slab from a wide range of variation. Granite is budget friendly. It comes with any size, shape and thickness, so it can suit to any decor and style.
Granite comes with a variety of colours. You can choose from white and cream to deep grey and forest green. This wide range of colour selection gives granite a natural fit in your kitchen area.

Cons of granite:
Though it is budget friendly it is expensive than other natural stones.
You have to pay dollar sixty to hundred for per square foot installation. Granite is extraordinarily heavy material. So if you decide to use it, you may have to reinforce the base cabinets.
The other option is marble counter tops. The Kitchen marble countertops are available in many home-style shops .Many people like marble for the warmth look it provides in any interior. But certainly there are some issues we should discuss before going to that choice.

Pros of Marble:
Marble has its own natural beauty. Beautifully designed marble countertops give a natural and warm look to your kitchen. It is widely available and budget friendly. Marble comes with many shades.
Marble countertops are naturally cool as it doesn’t conduct heat very well.

Cons of Marble:
Marbles are softer and more porous than granite surfaces. So they can get scratches and strains easily. Red wine and fruit juices can easily leave strains on marbles.


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