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The Brilliant features & Quality of Quartz Countertops
Today the market of stone working is developing rapidly.
All that we are working, this stone: marble, granite and travertine, known to the world for thousands of years. Stone in the full sense of the word can be called and new materials, whose production has not started a long time ago, but their properties allow you to successfully replace traditional materials, if necessary. This agglomerated stone or quartz, 95% is made up of environmentally friendly natural raw materials and 5% - of the binder resins.
I basically do not accept the phrase "artificial stone." This is either stone or building material, which should be named differently. After the plywood and laminate is not called an artificial tree! A quartz - stone. All have long seen this!
So, we work with four types of stone, which I have told you. Because each race is divided into several positions and subspecies of the range are today more than 100 types of stones of various colors and shades. In choosing a colour, we focus on the fashion trends of European and US manufacturers. And, of course, on the needs of our valued customers.
Since we're talking about raw materials, manufacturers with whom you work? Check out our Philadelphia quartz countertops.

Our sources:
Our suppliers, mainly from US. Why? They have maintained the highest standards of quality. No wonder that the best stone comes from these countries. For example, the Philadelphia manufacturer, after years of collaboration entrusted exclusive right to represent the brand in PA.
You mentioned equipment. Our production is fully consistent with the standards adopted in Europe. We trust that the founders of stone processing and chosen among such influential and surely they are going to help you the most with it.
Although I am deeply convinced that no machine - a source of corporate pride. If a person does not feel the material you are working with, then without high quality equipment does not make him an expert. At the forefront of professionalism.
You can import stone, treat it and make bespoke internal and external. What kind of work?
I do not like to say that everything we produce. "Everyone" cannot be done with precision. We did not carve statues, sculptures do not produce. And all that can be done in marble, granite and quartz stone - do. This interior and exterior finishes of buildings: external and internal stairs, window sills, baseboards, floors, fireplaces, floors for bathrooms and kitchens. In total, during the existence processed 40,000 square meters. You can get others like Caesarstone for kitchen purposes such as caesarstone countertops Philadelphia, PA.

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No matter how fashion changed, no one will say, "What is my scale of luxury tiles." In contrast, classical marble stairs to a concrete base - it was not, and will not be equal. And not just in terms of aesthetics. Material stone almost eternal.


Our Progress

Granite Countertop 85%
Bathroom Vanities 65%
Bar Tops 90%
Fireplace Surrounds 60%
Jacuzzi Surrounds 75%