Kitchen Granite & Marble Countertops Philadelphia:

Briefing on Marble Countertops, Granite & Some Moreā€¦.
Work surfaces are of paramount importance, whether in a kitchen, established a playroom or office. We cannot live without it!
It is important to choose the right material for the surface of our countertops according to the use that we make. Fortunately, there is a wide choice of finishes and different materials for countertops.

The laminate
The laminate is derived from a set of mixed with resin materials. It is available in pre -moulded countertops or sheets. Available in a variety of colors and finishes according granulated matte or glossy laminate is very versatile and adapts to the style of the room. The kitchen countertops 19106 set by us includes a number of stones, both natural and engineered, and are perfect for different kitchen decors.

Durability, shock resistant;
Almost infinite variety of textures, colors and finishes;
Mimics the natural materials like marble and granite;

Glossy or textured surface: its pronounced relief can complicate maintenance;
Less resistant to heat;
Damaged surfaces are more difficult to repair.

The synthetic materials
The synthetic materials are composed of a mixture of acrylic polymers and natural minerals. They can mimic stone, but are also available in many colors and patterns as well as finished in matt, satin and lacquered.
They offer an excellent compromise between the luxurious appearance of a countertop and ease of maintenance. Indeed, they are resistant to stains and colour does not deteriorate with time or in contact with sunlight.
Easier to work with than natural stone, synthetic materials can be easily cut to form curves or angles. However, along with these, the kitchen marble countertops are good for your kitchen. They are same like granite.

The surface does not reflect visible joints;
They can be easily cut to form angles or curves;
They resist stains.

Natural stone: granite and the Kitchen granite countertops:
The world of natural stone is varied. All from the earth, they are cut with diamond saws and subsequently polished. No section is identical, which gives a unique look to each counter, but makes it difficult arrangement of two sections. The stones are also available with different finishes: polished, sandblasted treated (mattes, but soft to the touch), or textured.
Granite stone is most commonly used in the manufacture of countertops. This is a very hard rock -crystal mixture of quartz, feldspar and mica. Granite is highly resistant to breakage and scratches. We can therefore work directly on the surface without protection. By cons, granite, because it is porous and needs to be treated every six months with a sealer to prevent staining.

Granite is highly resistant to scratches and heat;
It has a nice smooth surface and you can find beautiful colour variants;
Its appearance is very elegant.


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