Kitchen Granite & Marble Countertops Almonesson:

Granite is Excellent for your Kitchen Countertop

The birth of graniteā€¦.
On a block of stone extracted from a mountain reveals granite. It took millennia to Mother Nature to merge crystals of quartz, feldspar and mica which is composed granite. This is a once polished the stone reveal its beauty and, of course, its uniqueness.
Granite for your kitchen countertop or bathroom offers unmatched durability. Granite Summit offers a unique and varied selection of granite for your kitchen countertop projects and vanity bathroom. We have a variety of full size samples. Granite is a natural, non-porous and impermeable rock material. There are variations of colors on slices of the same block. Granite Summit offers exotic granites and quartzite from Brazil, India, Turkey, Norway, Italy, etc. natural granite top quality that require no maintenance. Kitchen granite countertops by us has been a revolutionary protective treatment, guaranteed ten years, which ensures a high stain resistance.
Due to its nature and its hardness, granite is an ideal material for countertops and kitchen islands. It is heat resistant, scratch and grease, so easy to clean.
Taking measurements, cutting and installing your kitchen counter or your bathroom counter
Taking place once template on the kitchen or bathroom fitted and, if necessary, removal of existing countertop for your kitchen.
Delivery and installation of the new countertop including bonding the kitchen sink.
Removal of existing countertops and plumbing service on request.

Granite countertops are available with options of cuts, finishes and thicknesses.
At Castle Marble and Granite you find necessary in the manufacture of majestic kitchen countertops and bathroom materials.
The granite countertop is extremely resistant to scratches and heat. Perfect for bakers and confectioners, should be entirely to your kitchen. In addition, easy maintenance is a huge benefit for the person who prefers to take the time to cook rather than clean and scratch!
Marble, meanwhile, is ideal for the bathroom. Decorative, stylish, and chic, it will enhance the look of your room giving it an unparalleled charm.
Finally, the quartz will retain its lustre for eternity. With its antibacterial properties, resistance to heat and scratches, as well as easy maintenance, it will prove an ideal choice for your home.

How to clean a granite countertop
Avoid using cleaners such as white vinegar acid that can scratch or dull the Kitchen countertops 08096.
Use a different approach to clean some stains such a sink or felt-rub with alcohol, grease stains, cosmetics or tar-acetone marks mould-bleach or hydrogen peroxide; rust poultice.
Some stone cleaners are sold in the form of disposable wipes. They make cleaning quick and easy counters!
Use coasters and/ or placemats in the food and drinks to avoid spilling anything on the surface or damage.
Why granite countertops?
When choosing the Almonesson Kitchen countertops for your kitchen, you have a wide variety of choices. And a wide variety of price points! Learn about the options and their costs - both initial investment and lifetime value, will be a worthwhile effort. In this article, we will outline the different options, and show you how granite can be a valuable option, without the high price.


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