Kitchen Granite & Marble Countertops Haddon Township:

How The Granite & Marble Countertops are perfect for your Kitchen

Marble is quite delicate due to porous (less than granite) and therefore likely to be stained by any liquids spilled on the surface, the marble is particularly susceptible to attack from even weak acids content such as vinegar or lemon juice. For this reason, the manufacturer will supply a product for impregnating clog the pores and thus encouraging better stain removal; however it is advisable to protect the surface with the appropriate primer repeating the treatment once or twice a year.

Consisting of a cluster of natural marble or granite for 95-96% with particle sizes ranging from 0 to 90 mm combined with polyester resin for 4 -5%, it has all the features of marble or granite and so you should use the same precautions, the main advantage is to present a high flexibility in the form of the plan and the ability to be repaired using special kits from damage caused by abrasive or drop heavy objects. Taking care will help your Kitchen marble countertops.

The work surface is made of a plate of variable thickness from 6 mm to 20 mm result of a mixture of mineral dusts (such as quartz, natural stone, etc.) in percentages ranging from 75-95%, pigments (2-5% ) and acrylic resins (8-25%), supported if necessary by a wooden panel or synthetic material (polystyrene, styrene) of variable thickness, the edge can be made using the same material as the surface or composed of sections with different materials (aluminium, wood trim, ABS etc..)
The synthetic plan, based on the content of resins, offers significant advantages in terms of compactness, abrasion resistance, recoverability, chemical durability, absence porosity and therefore does not absorb liquid. It is not always easy to recycle.
It does not allow the growth of fungi and bacteria and its hygienic characteristics are certified according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 846.
Corianis an inert and non-toxic; exposed to normal temperatures does not release gas. Kitchen countertops 08108 provide product warranty and ensure there are no manufacturing defects for 10 years from the date of purchase.

The plan easy is constituted by silica powders, resins and pigments, as the most known materials based on quartz. For this reason, guarantees a good abrasion resistance, absorption of liquids, to heat and to chemical agents. The product cleans easily because the material does not appear to be porous, it is waterproof, has a good stain resistance and so it is highly hygienic. The technology used to produce this top makes the material eco-friendly as it can boast of a very low VOC (volatile organic compounds). It could be said that we make these Haddon Township Kitchen countertops with utmost care and inspect them continuously in their stages of being made. Thus we ensure you of their superior quality any time you as us. We have been the best providers of these countertops since years.


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