Kitchen Granite & Marble Countertops Trevose:

Granite Countertops & Understanding the Project Analysis

About natural stones:
Natural stone products are becoming the preferred choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops – and granite countertops are the most popular. Granite offers a one-of-a-kind elegance found only in nature. Its durability is unsurpassed by any man-made material and a non-porous surface makes maintenance a breeze.
Compared to other stone products (marble, soapstone or slate) granite offers a much wider selection thanks to its natural variations. The unique beauty of granite countertops will compliment any decor.
Granite is also a budget friendly stone product you can choose. Available in any size or shape and in varying thicknesses there is sure to be a product to suit your budget. Trevose Kitchen countertops are thus, good for your home decor.

Project cost analysis:
Material cost is only one piece of the entire project and there are various granites that suit every budget. Generally speaking, the cost of the project has five elements: materials, fabrication, template, installation, and profit – with material accounting for approximately 25%-50% of the final price per square foot. Naturally this percentage will vary depending on the availability of the material – and since granite is so plentiful it offers great budget flexibility.
Second to material costs are fabrication costs of your granite countertops. Fabrication costs will be dependent on factors such as edge profiles, polishing, sink cut-outs, backsplash, and waste. Thus you can avail the experts for Kitchen countertops 19053 for your kitchens.

Knowing more on this:
The template and installation costs of your granite countertops will be less than material and fabrication, but it is the portion of the project where extra money is well spent. From creating the template to the final details of installation, a reliable installer is critical to a finished product that you will enjoy for years.
The smallest portion of your project cost, but nonetheless important, is the profit. The profit margin ensures that your fabricator is dealing with a reputable distributor, providing a safe workplace for employees and hiring experienced installers.

Installation guide:
Installing granite countertops is a precise and complex task. Before you begin the process - become familiar with these important considerations:

  1. 1. Be Prepared - Complete as much of the kitchen as possible prior to installing your granite countertops. If you can’t complete the changes, prepare detailed notes about specific redesign or remodelling details, including measurements and dimensions.
  2. 2. Draw It Out - A detailed sketch should be drawn before installation. Include all critical dimensions, including overhang, cut-outs, backsplashes and seam location. When deciding on seam locations remember the average slab is 108 inches x 62 inches. However many variety of slabs are being produced much larger.
  3. 3. Get a Quote - Visit the Marble and Granite website to find a reputable fabricator. Show the fabricator your drawing(s) and discuss the installation. Confirm that the quote includes delivery time and specific prices for installation, templates and fabrication. These are the necessary steps for the Kitchen granite countertops for your kitchen decor.


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