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Before you Buy Quartz Countertops, Know About them

What is quartz?
Quartz is a non- laminated metamorphic rock that is produced by the metamorphism of sandstone. And ' composed mainly of quartz.
Quartz is very fashionable products to use for tile and stone walls, etc., because of its surface glitter and beautiful colors.
Quartzcolors are Pink, Grey, Green, and Yellow and so on. Quartzite can be done with tiles, strips, mushroom stone, flagstone mosaic, etc.
Surface finish can be 1.Both Split Sides Natural Split 2.Top natural, back side sawn cut 3.Top polished surface, cut side sawn surface 4.Top flamed, sawn cut back side. Sizes available ( mm): 300x300mm , 400x400mm , 300x600mm Available thickness (mm): 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm.

Colours quartz
what is quartz
Quartz is a natural substance, and in ground-up form is combined with resin to form a hard surface such as quartz designed very much. Most quartz countertops are well over 90%of quartz, which gives the hardness and lack of porosity required for the large demand for cooking. Some manufacturers combine the antibacterial substances.
Tour of quartz
Quartz countertops are man-made countertops that are more closely related to the solid surface and quartz designed, what they are related to natural stone such as quartz slab.

Quartz countertops
Quartz kitchen offers an area extremely tough and durable, ideal for use in. Constructed in stone, quartz plans do not require sealing or polishing. The Southampton Quartz countertops offer a choice of over 100 dazzling colors in two distinct finishes for your kitchen. The quartz features antibacterial protection, which makes the surface impervious to bacteria, mould and mildew.
Quartz are more difficult
Stain harder Granite
You can still Hot Pot Quartz counters
QuartzCountertops Keep bacteria Less Than
Cleanliness of quartz surfaces is a breeze. You must understand these pros and cons to never have an issue with the quartz and also others like Silestone countertops 18966.

Knowing of the format of it:
The format in which the tile is available is generally defined, often sold in standard dimensions of 30.5 × 30.5 cm and a thickness of about 1 cm, but you can also take different formats in larger square or rectangular type 30, 5 × 25.5 cm, and the thickness can reach up to 3 cm. Regarding the installation, it is not always necessary for the complete dismantling of the existing floor since those thickness of 1 cm may also be superimposed and fixed with glues of special type. Along with this, there are other forms of it like the Cambria. The Southampton Cambria countertops are of premium quality.
In general, however, are laid on concrete layers well levelled and is used as a binder a mixture of cement, sand and water. Although the quartz is not porous, sometimes the tiles may have uneven areas with higher porosity that may be more susceptible to stain. For this reason they are sometimes treated with stain-resistant products that facilitate cleaning operations, as it is simply a wet cloth soaked in mild detergent.


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