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A Guide for you For Choosing Countertops

Guide to kitchen worktops
The working surfaces of kitchen, commonly called the top, can be made of various materials. In commerce, in fact, there are so many types of coatings that picking one for your kitchen has become a business.
With this content we try to give you some tips to help you understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of various types of products from the top companies that sell kitchens. Be aware, however, that your choice will depend on three factors: the budget, the practical needs of use and personal taste. So we bring you, even now, that there is no finish better than another, but only what is best for you! Penndel Kitchen countertops are known for their superior quality.

Before you choose one for you:
When you choose a top kitchen observed surface finish: lacquered, polished or matt, in total white or black, with bright colors or warm tones. Maybe, depending on the style you have in mind, choose a thickness that varies from less than an inch to more than a dozen. However, the feature that will make you judge a good finish from a less good is undoubtedly the material of which the top has been achieved. It will depend largely on the life and performance of your kitchen. The worktop must be able to withstand wear is linked to the normal " stress " that occur during the preparation of foods, such as scratches , dents, or hot pots , both to possible contact with liquids more or less corrosive , acid, alcohol or steam.
Inside Kitchen
The world seen from inside the kitchen, hidden behind each door. Drainer, fitted drawers, pull-out shelves and a multitude of integrated accessories for a kitchen of minimalist design hides a soul super-equipped. Each compartment, large or small, in the kitchens Lube is best used to enhance and facilitate the containment. Your requirements contained in each element that makes up the kitchen

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Very delicate because porous (less than granite ) and therefore likely to be stained by any liquids spilled on the surface , the marble is particularly susceptible to attack from even weak acids content such as vinegar or lemon juice . For this reason, the manufacturer will supply a product for impregnating clog the pores and thus encouraging better stain removal; however it is advisable to protect the surface with the appropriate primer repeating the treatment once or twice a year.
Consists of a cluster of natural marble or granite for 95-96 % with particle sizes ranging from 0 to 90 mm combined with polyester resin for 4 -5%, it has all the characteristics of marble or granite, and then you must use the same precautions, the main advantage is to present a high flexibility in the form of the plan and the ability to be repaired using special kits from damage caused by abrasive or drop heavy objects. Thus the ones like marble or Kitchen granite countertops are great for you.


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